Living With A Honda E

Datum objavljivanja: 16. Lis 2020.
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This week, Alex puts the Honda E through its paces to answer the ultimate question: can you really live with an electric car?
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  • Great , think I'll wait for a couple of years

  • In America, where we drive on the correct side of the road, we have a rule about pt cruisers. Stay away. The person who drives it is obviously a complete idiot and is not to be trusted.

  • Legend is If you give it 6000 Amperes, VTEC will kick in

  • Weird video idea: Alex hyper-miling in Phil

  • The Honda e is doing the council out of a job cutting the grass

  • If my commute wasn't a 100 mile round trip I'd definitely get one of these.

  • Haha I seen this exact car the other day in Ealing

  • Imagine going in for lunch and someone comes by and unplugs it....

  • I wanna k swap this

  • Amazing video presentation

  • Good luck finding real wood in a 2019 Mercedes S- klasse

  • Brittain: WE DONT NEED EU also Brittain: Where free charging electricity for our cars?

  • Should have took a power bank with you to charge the car

  • Holy shit that THING looks the same from the front and behind


  • Moans about a driver using a phone, continuing to use a walkie talkie.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️#fail

  • Why most of the electric cars are ugly af?



  • Free chargers from the European Union. They will probably disappear next January 🤣

  • That is one ugly car. Something a lot of EV's need to sort is the looks. New Leaf isn't bad, and Tesla is sleek, but the others seem to be awful.

  • for the in-car 230V socket, it has a maximum output of 180W. That vacuum cleaner is around 800W!

  • 10:16 The first real e-Honda right there. Noice

  • They should have made this with the option of having a little 1ltr engine. I'd buy one if that was the case.. being able to stop at a petrol station and leave on a full tank 5mins later is wayyy to valuable to me.

  • The side profile reminds me of a civic ej9

  • where can i get that shirt


  • Why do you pronounce it honder


  • Buy one Honda E or three Dacia Spring... Both have the same range...

  • Cars are going full sim 😂

  • Aaah, a quality content with quality host...just like original Top Gear.... Here is an idea: What about a new Top Gear crew: Alex from Car Throttle, Matt Watson from Carwow and Doug Demuro?

  • The sum up at the end tells you all you need to know about this car. The last car I looked back at was an rx8.

  • Don't you talk sh*t about how tall Thais are!!!

  • This car honestly looks like an old 70s/80s civic. Really hope they do incorporate real wood in this. Like reclaimed wood or such.

  • Let’s take a city car on a highway only trip. Next week - off roading in a Lamborghini Miura.

  • This will never be available in the USA, because the Federal government, in its infinite wisdom, has outlawed those camera-based side-mirrors. Thanks, Feds, for protecting us from this horribly dangerous vehicle. *eyeroll*

    • U know he’s in Leatherhead when he’s talon LG about road surface quality

  • Am I the only one who thinks the style is inspired by mk1 Honda city

    • What's to stop stupid sh1ts doing a prank and taking the e-charge lead out if u go "for a shop" or a "spot of lunch"? Just randomly wondering....

  • Can we see a quick burnout?

  • Ironic - while the British "road to hell" is the M25 to Essex, the E6 in Norway actually goes to Hell. See,10.7900309,11.75z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x466d16fb3ae6fd6d:0x1596b57897c52a6b!8m2!3d63.4451715!4d10.9052167

  • What a surprise! A t-shirt with short sleeves. No point, manlet

  • I'm fine with foe wood trim on a car that's supposed to be environmentally friendly

  • The back looks like the front. I keep thinking the car is being towed.

  • that mileage is poor

  • Can you turn all the fancy dash off to save power ?

    • The 12v accessories like that are only drawing a tiny amount of power and offer no significant boost to range. The bonus you get out of having them on vs off is probably about 5 meters of extra range.

  • Copayed by the EU? You brexited. Gimme back my E juice!

  • Software update for 2021 Added feature within the miles to empty menu, Gardens to empty, football pitch till empty, Washing machine cycles till empty More to follow in future updates

  • Living with a hondere

  • Can we put a small generator in the trunk and run the car while charging? Just like our phone?🤔

  • Where's my VTEC

  • Wikid review. Seen millons on this car already, but yours was really fun. Subbed!

  • What's to stop stupid sh1ts doing a prank and taking the e-charge lead out if u go "for a shop" or a "spot of lunch"? Just randomly wondering....

    • But the range.... Especially in winter, there is just too much variables involved...

  • U know he’s in Leatherhead when he’s talon LG about road surface quality

  • Everybody knows...Honda is the best make in home appliance!

  • this car just looks so sic

  • "OMG is a PT Cruiser..."

  • Is it any less of a crime to use a walky talky while driving than call out an knobhead using a mobile phone?

  • It's crap need a v8 in it

  • sell these in america already

  • 6:45 that means that in a few weeks you wonn't have it for free anymore

  • I wonder how long it will take for someone to K-swap one 🤣🤣 it’s actually a really good looking little car

  • “Oh my god it’s a PT Cruiser... Gip” 🤣🤣

  • Where can I find that shirt he is wearing? Anyone know?

  • Slates guy using mobile phone - continues to use walkie talkie all the way through 🤦

  • The Honda E is undeniably adorable

  • Imho first electric car that's been made into a proper car (sorry Tesla, Renault, and other manufacturers that tried)

  • ~35k $ car to do groceries in... Lets face it, without Tesla there issint any other electric car that wouldnt make you feel nervous when you are stuck in traffic accident on a freeway and outside temperature is -10c... with ICE I could stay there all night if I needed... I would love to own electric car, since driving one at the moment is as cheap as driving a bike... But the range.... Especially in winter, there is just too much variables involved...

  • 28k for a contemporary and lovely take on 70' golf 1gen. I am in.

  • Finally car manufacturer using cameras instead of mirrors, I have been saying this for f#cking years about camper vans, busses and HGV,s. They don't stick out miles and can use night vision. Also was the sound of the indicators simulated, cos I seriously doubt that it was a relay clicking.

  • You're on your phone driving like a prick 😆😆

  • Should've gotten that Hyundai Kona in the back there instead.

  • Real world test. Proceeds to drive at 55mph round the whole of the M25 and barely makes it before running out of juice.

  • That's an ugly car

  • Welcome to the Honda "Intrusive R" E

  • me: Scrolls through the comments looking for a Streetfighter reference. Also me: Disappointed no-one has referenced E Honda!

  • calls a mobile phone user a prick . then in next shot does the exact same thing with his radio................HYPOCRITE !

  • Looks as tall as an SUV to Alex

  • Brilliant 👍

  • Why does it look like it has flappy paddles?

  • "Cofinanced by the [blablabla] of the European Union" - "What does that even mean?" Well, certainly it isn't going to be free anymore in 2,5 months from now lol..

  • When are you starting another project car. Starting to get bored of these one off shows

  • Get well soon Alex. ILS affects so many people, hope you pull through.

  • Do SOMETHING with my first car (one I have now) Chevrolet Matiz 2007 🙃

    • Its looking like new gen Maruti zen

  • The "Round" M25 that isn't actually a full circle.

  • E

  • If this is the future of how cars look then im quitting driving.. Over £24k for a bubble car... No thanks

  • Want that ek9 t-shirt

  • H O N D A R E.

  • Aw man, the concept car was a lot cooler :-/

  • What's going on with the styling? It looks the same from the front and the back. On the road it looks like its reversing super quick!

  • I'm surprised Alex could get his huge frame inside that car

  • If my phone was a car

  • So what i take from that. Is it would be great for gardners.

  • European unio- uhh I'm confused?

  • @ 8:20 is that the tall guy?

  • deamn, you have been short but standing front of honda, you look lot shorter :)

  • Conclusion: Honda E will be perfect if you throw a k20 in it

  • Its looking like new gen Maruti zen

  • I could run all those electronics with my turbocharged V8 diesel land cruiser

  • Save battery by turning off all the mirrors.